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Details of White House Immigration Proposal are Floated – Senator Rubio Responds

February 17, 2013

The New York Times reports on a “backup” immigration bill which has been developed by the White House as a contingency, so, “they can ‘be ready’ with a proposal if lawmakers ultimately fail to agree on their own version of an overhaul of existing laws.”

The plan, details of which were first reported by USA Today, include a “Lawful Prospective Immigrant Visa” and an eight-year path to citizenship for those currently in the United States without lawful immigration status.

Details of the plan were denounced by Senator Marco Rubio, one of the most prominent Republican senators working on immigration reform.

It’s a mistake for the White House to draft immigration legislation without seeking input from Republican members of Congress. President Obama’s leaked immigration proposal is disappointing to those of us working on a serious solution. The President’s bill repeats the failures of past legislation. It fails to follow through on previously broken promises to secure our borders, creates a special pathway that puts those who broke our immigration laws at an advantage over those who chose to do things the right way and come here legally, and does nothing to address guest workers or future flow, which serious immigration experts agree is critical to preventing future influxes of illegal immigrants.

Much like the President’s self-described ‘stop gap’ Deferred Action measure last year, this legislation is half-baked and seriously flawed. It would actually make our immigration problems worse, and would further undermine the American people’s confidence in Washington’s ability to enforce our immigration laws and reform our broken immigration system.

If actually proposed, the President’s bill would be dead on arrival in Congress, leaving us with unsecured borders and a broken legal immigration system for years to come.

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