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NYTimes – President to Seek Comprehensive Immigration Reform in First Few Months of Second Term

January 13, 2013

Sunday’s New York Times front-page article (above the fold) on immigration reform reports several key data points:

The White House and Senate Democratic leader on immigration reform, Senator Chuck Schumer, will put forth a comprehensive bill addressing undocumented workers, migrant farmworkers, and highly-skilled immigrants. Senator Marco Rubio (Rep. FL) seeks an issue-by-issue approach and will present a bill to address the status of DREAMers. The article quotes him, however, as stating that, “the piecemeal approach was ‘not a line in the sand’ for him.”

Labor organizations are also in support of immigration reform. Websites for the AFL-CIO and SEIU address the benefits of immigration reform for their members. The Chamber of Commerce has also joined the conversation on immigration reform with its leader Thomas Donohue stating, “The Chamber is already teaming up with the labor unions, faith organizations and ethnic groups, and law enforcement to build a coalition for comprehensive reform.”

Key leaders in the Senate who have been meeting and working on a bill are: Sen. Chuck Schumer (Dem. NY), Sen. Lindsey Graham (Rep. SC), John McCain (Rep. AZ), Sen. Jeff Flake (Rep. AZ), Sen. Mike Lee (Rep. UT), Sen. Marco Rubio (Rep. FL), Sen. Dick Durbin (Dem. IL), Sen. Robert Menendez (Dem. NJ), and Sen. Michael Bennet (Dem. CO).



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