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ManpowerGroup Survey: U.S. Talent Shortages Persist

May 30, 2012

Today, the ManpowerGroup released its 7th annual Talent Shortage Survey, indicating that nearly half of all U.S. employers are finding it difficult to fill “mission-critical positions within their organizations.” Talent shortage is not limited to the United States.

The problem is acute and worldwide. In India and Brazil, two of the world’s fastest-growing economies, 48% and 71% of employers are having trouble filling positions, respectively. In the U.S. and Australia, two strong and mature economies, 49% and 50% of employers, respectively, cannot find the right talent to help grow their businesses. Even in Europe, where a highly educated workforce and chronically high unemployment makes finding talent relatively easy, some employers are having trouble. In Germany, 42% of employers report difficulties finding good candidates. In Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, an astounding 81% of employers indicate that finding qualified hires is a problem.

The top two reasons cited in the survey for the talent shortage are: (1) Lack of available applicants/no applicants and (2) Lack of technical competencies (hard skills).

One suggestion for addressing this problem is Strategic Migration (page 11): “The concept is simple: If there aren’t enough available skilled workers in your area, look to other geographical regions or even other countries for the employees you need and bring them to you.”

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