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H.R. 3012 Passes the House & S.B. 1857 is Under Consideration by the Senate Judiciary Committee

November 30, 2011

Yesterday the House of Representatives passed H.R. 3012, the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act. The vote on the bill was striking with 389 in favor and 15 opposed (29 members of the House did not vote). Because the vote was taken under a suspension of the rules, 2/3 of the House members needed to vote in favor of the bill (290 members). The bill passed by almost 100 members more than the minimum needed.

As mentioned previously, there is a Senate bill, S.B. 1866, which contains a provision similar to H.R. 3012.

On November 10th, the duplicate of H.R. 3012, S.B. 1857 was introduced in the Senate by Utah Senator Mike Lee. It was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senator Lee provided no press release on the issue, and no cosponsors are listed on the bill.

SB 1866 is a broader bill, containing a variety of provisions intended to address the issue of unemployment. SB 1857 is a more limited measure and attempts to provide a means for the Senate to quickly pass a bill identical to H.R. 3012 without requiring a conference committee of the House and Senate. Note that the Utah delegation (Rep. Chaffetz in the House and Sen. Lee in the Senate) has taken the lead on sponsoring these bills to eliminate the allocation of employment-based green cards according to the applicant’s country of birth.



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