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Global Index of Most Attractive Employers

October 4, 2011

As companies compete for a global talent pool of workers and concerns are expressed by U.S. employers about their competitiveness vis-à-vis other countries because of restrictive U.S. immigration laws, it is notable that U.S.-based employers continue to rank high on job seekers’ lists.

Based on a survey of 160,000 career seekers with a business or engineering background from the world’s 12 largest economies (based on nominal GDP), Universum, a corporate branding company, released its World’s Most Attractive Employers List 2011. The survey is split into the Global Top 50 Business rankings and the Global Top 50 Engineering rankings.

Among the survey findings:

1. American multinationals increase their lead over the rest of the world.

2. Financial organizations are on the rise in the Engineering index and losing attractiveness amongst business career seekers.

3. IT companies gain ground in the Business index.

4. Automotive companies rise in the Engineering index.

5. The world of work/life balance and the “Me” brand is on the rise.


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